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Project Timeline
Oct 2018 - Present
Personal Project



SKNCE is a personal project to create a no-nonsense skincare routine tracking app for everyone. Skin + Enhance = SKNCE.




My inspiration for designing this app stemmed from my own love for skincare. When I began lurking around r/SkincareAddiction on Reddit — a rich online community for all things skincare — about a year ago, I started to curate my own skincare routine. I studied every product on my shelf down to its ingredients, and found that my routine became increasingly complicated as my knowledge grew; there were more patterns, products, and details to track.

I was writing down my ever-changing routines in Notes, collecting pictures in Album, and looking up product ingredients on Cosdna. See the problem?


One goal, three different places. 🙅🏼‍♀️


Once I noticed this, I wanted to know how other people were doing it. I found that r/SkincareAddiction’s favorite solutions were bullet journaling and utilizing spreadsheets.

I also found quite a number of posts specifically looking for skincare tracking apps, which led to dead ends. The comments were a mix of apps unavailable in the US, startup apps that seemed to have been abandoned, and alternative suggestions, such as mood tracking apps.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 9.45.25 PM.png

This showed me two things:

  1. There is clearly a need for a more intuitive way to record your skincare journey in this community.

  2. There is a lot to learn from the way that people are currently making this work. What are they doing right that has allowed them to manage so far?


Problem Statement

Current solutions force skincare users to compartmentalize their skincare journey, leading to a scattered and incoherent experience. SKNCE is intended to be a design solution as a comprehensive app specifically for skincare routine tracking, made easy for everyone.


Competitive Analysis

In order to study what’s out there in the app market, I looked into the three most “skincare” relevant apps: a product ingredient analyzing app, a skin condition tracker app, and a menstrual cycle tracker app (as recommended by members on r/SkincareAddiction).




Design Principles

Universal & Inclusive. Skincare is for everybody. Visuals should welcome everyone.
Personal. App should adapt to people at various levels of skincare knowledge.


Iteration #1

For my first iteration, I wanted to focus on the information architecture and key features of the app. I created a list of important features, learned from patterns of r/SkincareAddiction users’ journals and comments, and organized them in tabs to understand which features should go where.


I then created rough mockups of main screens for each tab to better envision how I want the app to look overall. I found that designing the front page (Track - today), where the user would log and view their routines for the day, was the biggest challenge that would carry over to iteration #2.


Another issue I noticed was that my use of green, which was intended to be a neutral color, could be a concern for individuals with colorblindness. I want to ensure that I design not only for gender inclusivity, but also for various abilities.


Currently on — Iteration #2

For this iteration, my biggest focus is understanding the user flow and interactions in order to design the dashboard. Through this, I’m ideating the layout of the front page as well as thinking about how I should implement the features of each tab in the screens.

Users first.


So far in the project, I have spent a lot of time studying what users would want in the app, but haven’t utilized User-Centered Design practices to help guide my visual design. It is important that I continue thinking about the users and their needs through the whole design process, and this need has only become clearer with progress. I will be building user personas, creating a user flow chart, and then producing my second iteration of mockups during this sprint.


That’s all for now, but not to worry —

I will be reporting back right here as my project progresses. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me and ask questions, if you have any.